Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Hi everyone.
As many of us have already heard, it’s breast cancer awareness month and guess what?
(waits silently for responses before happily shouting  it out)
We would be hosting a campaign right here on this blog concerning breast cancer and cancer in general
There are so many things which are hardly heard of when it has to do with cancer which would be used as part of our campaign here on this blog.
It is starting on Thursday, 19th of October and it will last till Tuesday, 31st of October, 2017.
Please, support us and join us for the campaign here.
It’s basically about creating awareness about breast cancer(what it is about, how to prevent it, what to do when you find negative strange symptoms on your breast, self breast examinations, going for mammograms and all the lot).
Mind you, men are not excluded from breast cancer. Over a thousand are diagnosed yearly.

Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer awareness ribbons

We promise it’s going to be an educative and enlightening session, so, please, invite your friends and family to join us in the campaign to reduce the numerous cases we see every day  and year concerning breast cancer and cancer in general.

There’s a lot of knowledge waiting to be poured out!!!
Are we ready for this?
Yes, we are.
Can we fight cancer?
Yes, we can.
Always remember that:

 can 11
What then are you waiting for???
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So, tell friends and family, let’s come together to learn from each other and have a great time!
Don’t forget that it starts on Thursday, 19th of October. Check this platform and the other social media platforms listed below for details on the posts!
+ We are going to go pinky-pinky these 13 days, so get ready!
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